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Gupta, N. (2017). William N. Goetzmann: Money changes everything—how finance made civilization possible. Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, 31(4), 511-514

Money Changes Everything by W. H. Goetzmann is a book review. The article portraits the author’s understanding of people, places and things related to the role of finance and the development of financial methods one of the most important social innovations across time and places. The book is an extensive travelogue of finance which discusses the origins of finance in various civilizations and the role of finance in shaping these civilizations.

Cozzi, G., Gupta, N. (2021). India: Divisive elites struggle to create prosperity. Casas i Klett, T. Cozzi, G. (2021). Elite Quality Report 2021: Country Scores and Global Rankings, Pg., 70.

doi: 10.33058/seismo.30792

I analyze how Indian elites perform in comparison to other countries as concluded from the country scorecards when viewed through the prism of Elite Quality Index (EQx). The country score card format captures the full set of a country’s EQx Scores, from the headline Level 1 EQx Index score to the 107 more granular Level 4 socio-economic and political Indicators.
The Country Scorecards offers a 360-degree view of India’s political economy and the role of elites in shaping it.

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