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Along with passion for research, I equally enjoy sharing knowledge with students through classroom teaching, interacting on current economic issues, gauging their needs, and shaping their way of aptitude in economics.
My experience as lecturer in economic courses over years have allowed me to delve deeper with students, engaging in effective communication and brewing up new research ideas and results with them.

Lecturer: Macroeconomics I

[Professor Guido Cozzi, PhD]

February 2017 - Present

- Exercise sessions, creating exam papers and supervision of academic term papers.

Topics Covered: 

National‑Income Accounts, The Goods Market Financial Markets, The IS‑LM Model, The Labour Market, Inflation Economies in the Medium Run, Openness in Goods and Financial Markets, Economic Policy in the Open Economy, Long‑term Growth and Innovation. 


Macroeconomics, Global Edition, 7th Edition

Olivier Blanchard

Lecturer: Microeconomics I

[Professor Martin Kolmar, PhD]

September 2021 - Present

- Exercise sessions and supervision of academic term papers

Topic Covered: 

Demand and supply, Market Equilibrium, Opportunity costs, Budget Constraints, Welfare Theorems, Different types of Markets, Comparative Advantage, Gains from Trade, Pareto Efficiency.


Kolmar, Martin ʺPrinciples of Microeconomics ‑ An Integrative Approachʺ, Springer, 2021.

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