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Dr. Neha Gupta

PhD in Economics and Finance

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Dr. Neha Gupta

I am an economist by academic training, quantitatively - curious, an empiricist with a perspective and often passionate about research that intrigues.

I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher, Visualization manager and a lecturer at Institute of Economics, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (FGN-HSG). My research interests includes applied economics, causal econometrics, empirical microeconomics, urban and development economics, monetary economics.


I am curious research scholar committed to producing a high standard of published work. I am equally passionate about narrating an economics research through data visualization.

Open Book


May 14, 2021

Cozzi, G., Gupta, N. (2021). India: Divisive elites struggle to create prosperity. Casas i Klett, T. Cozzi, G. (2021). Elite
Quality Report 2021: Country Scores and Global Rankings, 70.

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Data Visualization: An Economist's Way

May 14, 2021

The Economic Power Pillars measure elite dominance in the economy. Firstly, they focus on the dominance of coalitions within an economy, then on individual businesses, and finally, on the terminator of dominance, i.e. creative destruction.

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Forschungsgemeinschaft für Nationalökonomie
Universität St.Gallen
Varnbüelstrasse 19
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